Join Bitcredit 

How can you participate?


Bitcredit invites developers, usability experts, designers, banking experts, marketing specialists, educators, bug hunters, etc. to join the community effort. You can just go ahead or contact Bitcredit with ideas and proposals if you want to coordinate first. Chosen contributions will be rewarded with eIOUs, the guarantee capital required by Bitcredit mints. 

You can receive and store your eIOUs in Unisat Wallet, a non-custodial open source wallet:

Click on "Create Wallet" and you are done! Create a Taproot address and receive your eIOUs.

Tutorial: Install Unisat Wallet

Remember to enter your project contributions, as per agreed deliverables, into the Bitcredit reward form at the end of every month.

Bitcredit System Participant Groups

Businesses, whether large corporates or small and medium enterprises, are kindly invited to join the alpha test phase of Bitcredit to trial real world use cases for electronic bills of exchange. Bitcredit offers eIOU bounties for early joiners who share their experience and feedback. 

Prospective mint operators can prepare for the future now. Credit management experience is advantageous. Please contact Bitcredit for more information about participating in the test phase. 

Central Banks can join Bitcredit as a full node instead of pursuing dystopic CBDC plans. Fiat currency (dollar, euro, pound, peso, …) turns into a stable digital currency redeemable in Bitcoin with no need to spend reserves on buying foreign paper money. Please contact Bitcredit for more information about participating in the test phase.